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Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC

Branding From the Inside Out

Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC

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We Brand Businesses from the Inside Out

More than just consultants, our goal is to become a part of your business; as brand ambassadors, brand managers and friends. 

Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC
(713) 309-0367
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Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC was established in Houston, TX with the vision of providing more than just "brand management". Our goal for every client is to develop a relationship full of trust, value and results.

We have spent years perfecting our methods of not only developing brand identities but also maintaining them through our brand management programs. Because of our unique interactive processes, our clients are able to achieve long term consistency in branding and reputation both externally and internally.


The Definition of "Brand Management"

A marketing function that utilizes specific techniques to increase the perceived value of a product or service over time. Consistent brand management will allow the market price to increase with inflation by building a loyal customer base through positive brand association and awareness. By developing a strategic brand management plan, product and service providers can maintain brand equity and increase brand value with its target market.

Effective brand management requires an acute understanding of the brand, its target audience and the company's overall goals and vision with a long term outlook and commitment.


 First let's take a look at your current brand management practices


 Next we will talk about how we can help you build a stronger brand


 Finally we can start working on new brand management strategies


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