Branding Statement | Brand development and management

Branding Statement | How to Brand Your Business from the Inside Out

Your Branding Statement matters, A Lot!

At Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC “We Brand Businesses from the Inside Out”. I say this all the time when I meet people and the response is always the same. “What exactly does that mean?” This is the perfect response because I now have the invitation to tell them how I help businesses just like theirs.

As I mentioned in my previous post “There Is No Brand without Branding” graphical depiction of your brand is one of the final steps.

Branding Statement | Brand development and management

Here are 4 steps to think about when defining your brand.

So what is branding from the inside out?

  1. Know who you are and what you stand for.
    Hopefully by now you have a clear brand definition and you can easily express in words what your core values are. If not, take some time to really think about what’s important to you, why you started the business (besides to make money) and define this in a sentence or short paragraph. Here's a nice resource from the Houston Chronicle on how to write an effective Branding Statement.

"As the key to attracting new customers, a branding statement tells the world about your business and has the potential to engender long-term loyalty. Think of your brand slogan as a promise about the quality of the goods or services that your business offers."

  1. Everyone and everything must reflect the brand values.
    This step is a constant. You must ensure that everyone in the company understands what the brand stands for and represent that consistently. Your products and services should back up your words and actions with the qualities you have defined.
  1. Live the brand. Be the brand.
    No one can understand your brand like you, but it is your responsibility to help them get as close as possible. This is especially important for small businesses, but holds true for companies of all sizes. Represent your business values in every aspect of life and your audience will see you and your brand as authentic. Authenticity creates loyalty and loyalty leads to advocacy.

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